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Rhelm branding

Rhelm Branding And Website

Wests developed branding and brand guidelines along with the website to launch the omnichannel USA based venture. is a unique interactive lifestyle brand with the intent to curate and present beauty, home, fashion, travel, and wellness experiences of interest, presented to its audience through its multi-media and integrated story content.

Take a look at the new Rhelm website at:


Greencloud Branding and Website

Wests developed the branding and design/build of the website for Grencloud.

Greenclouds mission is o provide their client partners with consistent value-add services & products, both strategically and project based, delivered with experience and agility, thereby servicing the needs of The Cannabis Industry through multifaceted interior environments.

Find out more about Greencloud at:


VMR Launched For The Retail Industry

Visual Market Retail (VMR) brings suppliers, their products and services directly to the retail marketplace via a unique marketing platform 356 days a year, 24 hours a day.

See the website at:

The Markopoulos Awards

The Markopoulos Awards

Wests produced the branding and website design for Markopoulos Awards website which is named after the late Andrew Markopoulos, whose tenure as senior vice president of visual merchandising and store design for the department store division of Dayton-Hudson made an indelible mark in the field and elevated it from a trade to an art form.

See more information here:


Wests Create Branding And Website For EIE

When it comes to transforming your design into material reality, EIE provide the resources you need – from our team of designers and developers and service professionals. Whether it’s a single leaflet, or an expansive program, we’re built for your needs.

Discover EIE at:


Apollo v2 Website

Wests designed and built the website for this complete sports data management system company.

The Apollo system is a groundbreaking software system new to the market set to transform sport!

Visit the new Apollo website at:

Gary Swift New Website

Gary Swift Website Goes Live

Gary Swift Studios is one of the leading creators of original cartoon characters and illustration in the industry today.

To start the 2018 year Wests were tasked with creating a new website for Gary Swift Studios, which explored using large images to showcase their incredible portfolio of illustrations. The new website is fully responsive to allow all visitors to explore the website across any desktop, tablet, or mobile phone browser.

Take a look at the new Gary Swift Studios website at:

PAVE 2018 Annual Re Brand

PAVE Starts New Annual Rebrand

Annually at Wests the team rebrand the PAVE styling for the new year ahead, to reflect the ever-changing retail market. Wests create the new styling for events throughout the calendar year, but especially for the PAVE Gala and PAVE Bash events. This consists of complete redesigns of both logos, which meant for this year, the 4th GlobalShop Bash and the 22st Annual Gala.

Using the styling of the re-branded logos, Wests lead through to advertising, E-Mail campaigns, website visuals and moving image right up to the event itself.

Find out more about PAVE at:

New Video for HB

HB Introduces New Video

HB are one of the leading innovators within the fixture design, retail presentations and merchandise branding sector. Ahead of the Retail Design Collective market (RDC), HB wanted to create a new video for both their showroom and website to showcase their amazing talents within the retail sector, as well as New York itself. Wests were tasked to create the video raw, sharp edged, and modern, to reflect the HB brand. Keeping the images moving quickly, with quick edgy video clips, and a unique soundtrack to accompany the video.

Check the HB Video out at:

PAVE Gala 2017 Event

2017 PAVE Gala Event

Wests are the design team that support PAVE - the Planning and Visual Education Partnership. PAVE is an organisation that enables students to connect with educators and professionals who work heavily within the retail industry.

Every year in December, New York City plays host to the annual PAVE Gala. December 2017 saw the 21st PAVE Gala at the Cipriani in Wall Street. Wests created all the branding, programs, menus, wall graphics, and many other elements for the event as well as being one of the sponsors.

See more information and images of the event here:

New Website for Treecraft

New Website for TreeCraft Distillery

Through connections at HB, Wests were introduced to the founders of TreeCraft Distillery. Gordon and Nate founded TreeCraft Distillery in September 2015 and are located on the historic Treasure Island. Wests were asked to create a modern website, which portrayed the brand and their exciting new alcoholic beverages. The website uses a 50/50 screen design, the left side consisting of the images and navigation, and the right side consisting of the copy and information. The website is fully responsive and also has a homepage video.

Discover Treecraft Distillery at:

Exciting New PMR Website

PMR's Exciting New Website

Having worked with Wests for many years, PMR wanted their website updating with the use of video.

Wests are very proud of this latest PMR website as it is one of the most unique websites within the industry. Every single page within PMR uses video to reflect the different areas within the healthcare industry. The latest PMR website is also fully responsive, allowing visitors to explore the website and watch all the videos, across any desktop, tablet or mobile browser.

Visit the new PMR website at:

PAVE 2017 Bash Event

3rd Annual PAVE Bash

The 2017 PAVE Bash took place on March 28th in Las Vegas, at Drai’s Nightclub within the Cromwell Boutique Hotel. The Nightclub overlooks the Las Vegas strip and brings together all of the leading retail brands that participate at GlobalShop. Barrie West the Managing Director of Wests, represented us at the event alongside Dan Evans, the President and Creative Director of Goldsmith Inc.

The Event was a great success for Both PAVE and the attendees. Take a look at the event gallery of the PAVE Bash at:

HB 2017 New Website

Introducing the New HB site

For early 2017, Wests were tasked with updating the current HB website that we had previously developed for them. It needed updating to bring some new life to the site and to visually display their unique range of products in the best way possible. Wests updated the navigation throughout the site and made adjustments to the other areas, to make the overall images larger on the screen, to show the HB products rendered by Wests better than ever before. These changes were also applied across all desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

View the updated live site at:

Champalimaud Instagram Feed

Champalimaud Instagram Feed Section

During the first quarter of 2017, Champalimaud's following across all areas of social media had increased. To coincide with this success, they requested a way to link the website to these accounts on desktop, tablet and mobile view.

We put forward the idea of implementing their Instagram as a live feed into the website, along with a complementary footer to house links to other social media accounts. After various mockups to perfect the designs, we went live in March 2017.

See the full implementation of the Instagram feed here:

PAVE Gala 2016 Event

2016 PAVE Gala Event

Wests are the design team that support PAVE - the Planning and Visual Education Partnership. PAVE is an organisation that enables students to connect with educators and professionals who work heavily within the retail industry.

December 3rd at the Duggal Greenhouse, Brooklyn, saw the location of the 20th annual PAVE Gala. Both Barrie West and Jason Hobson from our design team attended the event which displayed the 2016 branding.

See more information and images of the event here:

PAVE 2017 Rebrand Styling

New Annual PAVE Rebrand

Annually at Wests we rebrand the PAVE styling to reflect the ever-changing retail market. We create the new styling for events throughout the calendar year, but especially for the PAVE Gala and PAVE Bash events. This consists of complete redesigns of both logos, which meant for this year, the 3rd Bash and the 21st Gala.

Using the styling of the logos, we lead through to advertising, E-Mail campaigns, website visuals and moving image right up to the event itself.

Discover the PAVE brand at:

Goldsmith 2016 December Market

Goldsmith 2016 December Market

During the run up to the Retail Design Week in early December 2016, Wests were tasked with the marketing campaign for Goldsmith. Goldsmith needed something different, something exciting to coincide with the opening of their new showroom in New York - we brought that something.

We pushed advertising within VMSD & Design:Retail alongside E-Mail campaigns leading up to the event. Then we added a little wow factor with our unique map & invitation which sat within a miniature Goldsmith bag.

Visit Goldsmith at:

Ingrao 2016 Website

New Website Design for Ingrao

Having worked with Wests upon establishing an online presence, Ingrao came back to us when they wanted the website updating. As one of New York's leading interior design and architecture firms, they're used to delivering the best, and expect nothing less from their partners. That's exactly what we provided, designing a new site which placed the visual emphasis on moving images, presenting stunning work in a stunning setting.

The website is fully responsive, delivering a stylish visual treat across the full range of devices. Check it out now at:

Introducing the New Brights Collection

Introducing the New Brights Collection

Goldsmith don't simply make mannequins. They make the very best mannequins. Since 1927 they've been designing and crafting unique and custom made figures with a quality and personality all of their own, produced in factories and workshops throughout the United States and Asia.

The latest addition to their range is the Brights Collection - mannequins which capture a range of moods and attitudes through the clever utilisation of colours and finishes. Explore the stunning Brights Collection on the Wests designed Goldsmith website at:

Wests Launch Moving Image Area

Wests Launch Moving Image Area

There's a widely held belief about the use of moving images and video for advertising and promotion. It's a belief that says you've got around 50 seconds to get in, hold the attention, and get out. It's a belief that's also tied to the cost of producing longer form moving images. It's a belief which we take on board, but are delighted to subvert.

We've created a brand new moving image area on the website, which showcases our approach via a range of clients and projects.

Take a look at the Wests Moving Image area at:

PAVE Gala at Duggal Greenhouse

PAVE Gala Moving to the Duggal Greenhouse

In 2016 the annual PAVE gala will be moving to its iconic new location - the Duggal Greenhouse in the historic Brooklyn Naval Yard. Despite the new venue the night itself will offer the exciting ingredients we've come to expect - cocktails, music and delicious food, all of it in the midst of a celebration of the best retail design, retail planning and visual merchandising. The PAVE Gala provides a unique opportunity for the forging of links between students and the top people currently working in the retail industries.

To find out more, visit:

Goldsmith New NYC Showroom

Goldsmith Moves into New Showroom

The next exciting chapter of the story of Goldsmith is about to be written, beginning with a move into their brand new showroom. Where is it? In the heart of New York's fashion district. What is it? A state of the art penthouse. The history of Goldsmith demanded nothing less on both counts.

Renowned across the US retail market for their forward thinking and exciting approach, Goldsmith's will be displaying their innovative range of mannequin collections in surroundings which more than live up to that ethos. To see for yourself visit the Goldsmith website at:

PMR Logo & Re-Brand

PMR Re-Brand Celebrates Anniversary

PMR is a company with a mission - to help other companies reduce their healthcare costs and improve the care offered to both employees and employees' families. The key to their work is to do so via solutions which are creative and ethical as well as effective.

We've worked closely with PMR on their anniversary to create a fresh brand identity which celebrates their history and achievements whilst looking forward to future goals.

To see how we achieved this, visit:

HB GlobalShop 2016 Award

HB Collect GlobalShop 2016 Award

Every March, the leading figures in the retail industry gather at the Las Vegas GlobalShop show, for the chance to showcase their retail products to the industry as a whole, and recognise the excellence displayed by the very best practitioners. In 2016, HB walked away with the "GlobalGhop Booth Design Winner: 2016 Award of Excellence".

The prize winning booth in question showcased their stunning range of LED retail products, including the LightBar Bench, LightBar Platforms, LightStik Mannequin Cage, and a host of other innovative and strikingly effective products. Take a look at HB's impressive portfolio of LED products at:

Kinky Girls Good Book

Kinky Girls Gold Book Launch

Goldsmith's collection of Kinky Girls mannequins was launched during the Retail Design Collective. We turned the stunning photographs taken into a sumptuous hard back volume - plush, luxurious and stylish. The 12 mannequins were created to project the full range of feminine attitudes, and the book was created to showcase them in all their kinky glory.

To sample the delights of the Kinky Girls Gold Book, visit:

New Champalimaud Collection Website

The Champalimaud Collection Website

If you love good taste, style and understated elegance then you love Champalimaud. It really is that simple. And if you don't know Champalimaud then now's the time to get acquainted. Founded three decades ago in Montreal by Alexandra Champalimaud, the firm has established itself as a favourite amongst those for whom beauty is as much a necessity as a luxury. Wests are proud to work alongside them, and thrilled to present the new Champalimaud Collection website.

The fully responsive site works on all devices, and the incredible Alexandra Champalimaud collections are ready and waiting at:

New Elevations Website

Elevations Website Revamp

Elevations hail from New York and lead the way in two fields - retail fixtures and decorative Christmas items. They specialise in working closely with clients, partnering through each stage of the process to produce bespoke retail fixtures unique to every project. We took the same approach to their online presence, crafting a website which blends usability and practicality with an aesthetic capturing of the Elevations ethos.

Enjoy the results of our collaboration at:

PAVE Global Website Launch

PAVE Global Website Goes Live

The mission of PAVE Global is simple and clear: "To connect students, educators and professionals who support the retail industry in a vibrant, meaningful, and mentoring format".

What they needed was a new website which embraced this clarity and set out the PAVE worldview and mission with precision and cut through. Wests were proud to not only create that website but also take our place as one of the PAVE sponsors.

Responsive to the full range of devices, the site can be explored now at:

Lemonade Illustration Website Updates

Lemonade Illustration Website Updates

Our long term working relationship with Lemonade Illustration meant there was only one place they were likely to go to when they decided their website needed freshening up. The growing use of mobile platforms as a means to access the web meant that the site needed to work with the full range of tablets and devices, at the same time as being given a visual and aesthetic upgrade.

We delivered on both counts, as you can see at:

Classic Prager

New Classic Prager Site Goes Live

For more than 65 years, Classic Prager have been designing and creating display fixtures to their client's specific and bespoke requirements, utilising in-house plating facilities to offer unique finishes which complement the wide range of materials on offer. When they decided their 2011 website needed replacing they came to Wests. We built a platform for their products which combines fluid browsing with visual impact, and features a Content Management System (CMS) which puts Classic Prager firmly in control.

To see the stunning results, visit:

Chelsea Men Catalogue

Chelsea Men Book Launch

It's a 48 page catalogue but the Chelsea Men Book is so much more. It's luxurious, hard bound and features exclusive images captured at the collection launch in 2013. The aim of the book is to showcase the portfolio of 'Chelsea Men' mannequins, contrasting their sharply defined masculinity with the gentler lines of the Goldsmith Couture Women's collection.


Ingrao Get Online Presence

For the past 30 years, when the financial and social elite of New York and beyond have sought the services of an architect and interior designer, they've turned to Tony Ingrao. When Ingrao needed a simple and accessible website to showcase their work in a fluid and accessible manner, they called upon Wests. We created a fully responsive site which features a large and varied range of projects with a clean and consistent visual impact.

Explore the world of Tony Ingrao at:

Atrezzo GlobalShop 2015

Atrezzo Booth at GlobalShop 2015

Atrezzo came to Wests when they needed a GlobalShop stand capable of achieving two distinct aims - generating interest and pulling in visitors. For the theme and style we looked to the distinctive culture of Barcelona. For the colour scheme we emphasised consistency by utilising themes featured in recent marketing material. When pulling it all together we imposed our usual attention to detail, creating a booth which ticked every box.

High Country Website

High Country Website Goes Live

Located 25 miles north of Denver in Longmont, Colorado, High Country provide luxury retail services and environments. They do so by combining rare levels of expertise with the innovative use of materials such as antiqued bronze, artisanal glass and hand-stitched fabric. The results effortlessly conjure an atmosphere of luxury, class, style and refinement.

The website Wests created for them captures all of this and more, and is consistent with the work we've done to on the wider High Country brand, including a new logo and business cards. To sample the High Country effect across all devices, simply visit:

The Kinky Girls Collection

Goldsmith's Kinky Girls

When Goldsmiths wanted to launch their new collection of female mannequins, Kinky Girls, they came to Wests. They knew we understood both how they worked, and what was needed to convey the essence of Kinky Girls. We responded with a range of hand drawn illustrations representing 7 distinct poses, together with a collection logo, promotional literature, advertising material and showroom graphics.

Gary Swift Studios

Updates made to the Gary Swift website

Gary Swift Studios understand the use of original cartoon characters and illustrations across all platforms and media channels. That's why the work they create is in such demand, and why they wanted to work with a partner boasting similar levels of expertise.

That partner was Wests. We created a website with a simple Content Management System (CMS), allowing Gary to archive his creations. Accessible via all devices, the site boasts a consistent design and fluid navigation, enabling visitors to explore the world of Gary Swift and savour the full impact of his work.

Todays PA

A Website Revamp for Todays PA

Today's PA specialise in excellence. They offer training courses which enable ambitious individuals to raise their level of performance and achieve recognition for the work they do.

We designed and built a website which would render this service quick, simple and convenient. Multiple courses could be added to a basket, and flexible payment options underlined the ease of use.

Toledo Capital AG

A new era for Toledo Capital

Toledo Capital AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, are serious people offering serious advice. As a Multi Family Office with a flexible approach, they provide financial services for a select and wealthy range of clients.

They came to Wests in search of branding which would reflect who they are and what they offer. We responded with an 18 page brochure and a new logo, letterhead and business cards. To ensure consistency of tone and brand we also updated their website, turning it into a responsive and editable destination with three language options. Take a look at:

Champalimaud Design

A Fresh Look for Champalimaud

Champalimaud create interiors spaces of taste, style and elegance for Hotels, Restaurants, Spas and Offices around the world. They came to Wests when they decided to refresh their website. They wanted a site that showcased their projects in a manner which was easily navigated and packed huge visual impact. We responded with a responsive site which took the beautiful images of beautiful places and framed them with the aesthetic sensibility for which Champalimaud themselves are famed. A full screen slideshow option and fully responsive accessibility served to enhance the impact across all devices.

Visit the website:

Blue Rock Fund

New branding for Blue Rock

When Blue Rock came to Wests they were a company with no marketing material. We responded by doing what we do best - learning who they are and creating a visual identity to reflect this. The new logo we created was applied to business cards, brochures, fact sheets and their website.

The website itself provides an accessible overview of Blue Rock and details of the investments they're currently working with. It also has a private login area providing protected access to records, and offers mobile specific content aimed at maximising the browsing experience.

Visit the website at:

Interior Design Force

Interior Design Force goes live

Creative Design Force Interiors work to a consistent level of excellence. From a brand new hotel project in the Caribbean to a renovated property in the US, the work they do is exceptional, site appropriate and effortlessly timeless.

The website Wests created for them showcases all of these virtues through the use of evocative full screen imagery and descriptive text.

Enjoy the sights at:

Goldsmith - Chelsea Men

Goldsmith's Chelsea Men collection  

Goldsmith's launched their Chelsea Men portfolio of male mannequins as a high impact contrast to their Couture Women's Collection. The figures combined sharp definition with an air of sensuality, complementing the existing collections.

Wests designed launch invitations which emphasised luxurious aspiration through a high gloss finish and the use of the colour gold, and put together a catalogue which showcased the quality and variety of the mannequins through the same kind of attention to detail.

GLM Markets - Corporate Brand & Website

GLM Markets Branding & Website

GLM Markets stage, arrange and facilitate more than 25 events every year. The sectors they showcase include home furnishings, home textiles, stationery and paper products, giftware, table top, gourmet housewares, contemporary furniture and interiors, personal care, art & design, antiques & jewellery, fashion, board sports & resort lifestyle and e-commerce.

Anyone needing to find out more can now do so via the website we built for them. Links which are easy to navigate make it simple to access detailed information on every one of the shows they handle.

The Duggal Greenhouse Opens
Its Doors!

The Duggal Greenhouse is a striking and impressive venue set amidst the iconic and evocative surroundings of the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Whether as a venue for private parties, live events, fashion shows or film and commercial production, it offers a unique and flexible backdrop with an entirely distinctive ambience.

Wests captured this by designing a new corporate image based around a 12 page brochure, business cards and a state of the art website which put the Greenhouse in firm control of updating content.

Visit the website:

Fleetwood Fixtures - Website Design

Fleetwood Fixtures Website

When Fleetwood Fixtures introduced new branding and services they needed to reflect these exciting changes on their website. We designed a completely new site utilising striking imagery to portray the people and ethos behind Fleetwood, and a degree of interactivity to guarantee user engagement.

A bespoke Content Management System (CMS) and multiple forms allow Fleetwood to guide visitors in the right direction, directing them to the member of staff who can best deal with their questions.

Find out how easy it is by visiting:

Vladimir Kagan - Serpentine Sofa

Vladimir Kagan Revamps his Brand

Vladimir Kagan is an iconic figure in the history of American furnishing. Beginning in 1946, he has transformed the field by taking a distinctively sculptural approach to his designs. Working with furnishings and textiles, his creations feature in hotels and ultra-stylish homes around the world.

Wests absorbed the Vladimir Kagan aesthetic and reflected it via a corporate image which ran across business cards, letterheads, envelopes and 'compliments' slips. We also created a stunning website custom built to archive several decades worth of Vladimir's stunning work.

Visit the website:

Fleetwood Fixtures - Brand Development

Fleetwood Fixtures Advertising

In line with the tradition they've established, Fleetwood Fixtures wanted to greet the New Year by unveiling a revamped and exciting New Brochure. Our design took the request for innovation and ran with it. We appropriated the company's two pronged design approach in uniquely physical terms, creating a brochure which the reader had to flip when they reached the halfway point.

We combined this design feature with artwork aimed at creating a personal connection to key members of the Fleetwood staff, and in December 2013 the colour scheme of the cover was modified once again, to mark the arrival of a new season.

Plum Pudding Website Build

Plum Pudding Illustration Goes Live!

Plum Pudding are every bit as tasty as they sound, lighting up the field of children's publishing with a fresh and innovative approach which is all their own. They took a look at the great work we did for Lemonade Illustration and asked for more of the same, only different. And that's exactly what we delivered - a stunning website boasting the distinctive Plum Pudding look and feel and equipped with a bespoke Content Management System which put them firmly in control.

Visit the website:

Catalogue Design

A Mannequin Sneak Preview

If you visit the Goldsmith website right now you'll be treated to the unveiling of their window mannequin range Sketch. Since 1927 Goldsmith have been creating the very best high end mannequins, turning the creation of up market window displays into little short of an art form. In the intervening years they've become leaders in the field, and their mannequins, forms, accessories, fixtures and furniture are all still custom made in bespoke factories and workshops.

For your sneak preview, visit:

Ralph Pucci International News

New Ralph Pucci International website

Ralph Pucci International represent some of the most distinctive and successful artists in the world. They wanted a bespoke website which reflected this level of excellence and so they came to us. We designed a site which combined responsiveness across the growing mobile platforms with the impact of large screen aesthetics. Over 120 designers and artists combine with more than 4000 stunning images to create a unique and unforgettable online destination.

Take a look around at:

Hilton Nordics News

The Latest Addition to Our Hilton Portfolio

We've designed and built several Hilton Hotel websites, complementing the excellence of the accommodation in question with the slick appeal of our own design work. The latest addition is the Hilton's Nordic site. Showcasing the warmth of the hospitality and the chilly grandeur of the Nordic landscape, the site is eminently user friendly, and can be viewed in English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. The most vital tip we'll offer to those of you who'll be tempted to book a room is to be extra certain that you've packed a set of thermals...

Visit the website:

Hudson & Broad Website Design

The New HB website

HB boast a formidable core management team offering expertise in the disparate fields of finance, global sourcing and visual merchandising. They wanted a website which showcased their unique combination of top quality design and affordable pricing. We built that site for them, capturing their ethos and reflecting it via a responsive, user-friendly and commercially effective website.

To learn more, take a look here:

Print & stationary Design

Fleetwood Brochures get a Globalshop revamp

We've developed three sites with Fleetwood now, a process which reflects their strict adherence to the principles of innovation, originality and renewal. Fleetwood deliver unrivalled levels of customer service by combining two vital but contrasting ingredients - hand crafted prototypes and large scale off-shore production. They approach every task with a can-do attitude which guarantees client satisfaction. Our latest revamp ensured that the existing Fleetwood brochures reflected the excitement and novelty of the newest Globalshop theme.

See more at:

Hilton Glasgow Website Design & Build

A fantastic hotel in the heart
of Glasgow

We're pleased and proud to announce that The Hilton Glasgow is being added to our already impressive portfolio of Hilton Hotel offerings. Combining Hilton Hotel luxury with a location in an iconic and vibrant Scottish city, it's bound to tempt anyone who visits:

AgeUK fulfilment System

Partnership Work for Age UK

When Age Concern and Help the Aged came together to form AGE UK, they decided that they needed a behind the scenes website. Wests consulted with Citrus/39Zero to create this site, which provides across the board printed support and advertising material for branches and outlets throughout the UK.

Caledonian Hilton Edinburgh Website Design

The Hilton Caledonian Edinburgh

Our latest Hilton hotel website showcases the charms of the Hilton Caledonian Edinburgh. The hotel offers the warm welcome and luxurious surroundings visitors have come to expect, whilst the website is the standard Wests combination of aesthetic appeal and user friendly navigation.

Take a look at:

New Design Studio In Hereford

West's move in with the Duchy of
Cornwall at Harewood End Park.

Our recent move to the Duchy of Cornwall Estate at Harewood Park, Hereford has proved to be a complete success. Our UK headquarters now sits amidst the rolling landscape of a 900 acre estate in the midst of a tranquil Herefordshire valley. The transformation of traditional but derelict farm buildings into bespoke work and living units was part of an initiative undertaken by the Prince of Wales, and has equipped us with a base from which to produce the high quality work our clients expect.

Interactive Website Design

The Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona Hotel

The Diagonal Mar Barcelona Hotel offers Hilton Hotel luxury and hospitality combined with easy access to the cosmopolitan offerings of Barcelona itself. The website Wests designed and built for the hotel reflects all of this and is bound to tempt visitors to sample a trip of their own.

Explore the site at:

Lemonade Illustration News - Website Design

Lemonade Illustration launches its Latest Website

As one of the leading agencies in the UK and the US, Lemonade Illustration has a reputation for excellence and innovation which they were keen to see reflected in their website. That's why they asked Wests to design and host it for them. The completed site showcases the work of 49 international artists, and features a unique Content Management System (CMS) which put Lemonade firmly in control. By looking fantastic and being eminently practical, the Lemonade Illustration website is typical of the kind of work we deliver.

See for yourself at:

Hereford Office & Studio

+44 (0) 1989 730 432

New York Office

+1 212 835 0625

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