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Interactive Website Design

Interactive Website Design

Designing websites is our priority, our passion and something we do better than anyone else around.

You get a stunning website and round the clock support via our dedicated hosting servers. We can create an effective and compelling interactive design that’s equally at home on mobile and handheld devices as it is on more traditional platforms. Throw in data capture, SEO and apps and you’ve got the complete package.

Website Hosting & Communication

Website Hosting & Communications

An efficient and striking online presence is now a vital component of every kind of business, and a key part of maintaining that presence is accessing the best hosting. We’ll provide that hosting, building a package which is robust and efficient and backing it up with round the clock support.

Our dedicated servers utilise the latest and best in both hardware and software. State of the art Firewall technology will protect your site from unauthorised traffic and malicious attacks, and if problems do occur our regular backups will come to your rescue.

At every stage we listen and talk to you, using your feedback to determine your needs and shape our response to them.

Ecommerce Design

Ecommerce Website Design

We design e-commerce solutions which are unique to your business and tailored to your exact requirements.

You might require a few packages to improve your existing website, or perhaps you want to start over from scratch entirely. Either way, we’ll create solutions which are hand crafted on the basis of precisely who you are. Our unique, bespoke solutions are a million miles away from the off the shelf short cuts other companies regard as good enough.

Mobile App & Tablet App Design

Mobile App & Tablet App Design

When is a hi tech gadget not a hi tech gadget? When it’s a smart phone or tablet that people use all day every day.

The world-wide take up of hand held devices is such that this will soon represent the best medium via which to interact with potential customers. We can design the apps required to maximise this potential.

Advertising Design

Advertising Campaign Design

We design and create advertising campaigns that pack a visual and commercial punch across all media, no matter the size of your company.

By getting to know you we get to know your customers. Then we use that knowledge to design advertising strategies that will appeal directly to them and drive your commercial success.

3D Design & Rendering

3D Design & Rendering

Either from client drawings or straight from the initial concept we can visualize it, giving you a real sense of what the final project will look like.

We’ve designed and developed products through from mannequins to store fixtures, visualized booth spaces before taking them through to artwork, specification and completion

Brand Development & Design

Brand Development & Design

We use research, analysis, instinct and over four decades of experience to ensure that your brand image is everything you want it to be.

It’s about the perfect logo design, the typeface that ‘fits’ and the marketing campaigns, online strategies and overarching guidelines created to maximise the reach and impact of your brand for years to come.

Print & stationary Design

Print & Brochure Design

Your image isn’t superficial. It’s the first step towards a rewarding relationship with clients and prospective clients.

With our input, every piece of information you publish, from internal memos to corporate reports and press releases, will be designed and printed to the same unified high standard.

Identity & Logo Design

Identity and Branding

No matter how good you are, getting noticed in the first place is still as difficult as it is vital. Our graphic design experience will make all the difference.

We craft and create a business identity which will raise you above the crowd and drive your business forward. You let us know what you want, and we set about making sure you get it.

Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

You don’t just call us in to do a job – you enter into a partnership, based on mutual trust and in which your success becomes our success.

We’ve developed long term mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses in sectors such as Hotels & Hospitality, Marketing, Food & Beverage, and Merchandising. Our watchwords are flexibility and value for money

If you would like to know more please call +44 (0) 1989 730 432.

Catalog Design & Print

Catalog Design & Print

Even in a digital world customers often want to peruse your offer at leisure via the glossy pages of a stunning catalogue.

Whether you’re targeting customers or other businesses, if you’re a small scale start up or a multi-national giant, we can design and create a stunning catalogue to showcase your business.

Exhibition & Event Design

Exhibition & Event Marketing Design

Making the most of your company’s appearance at exhibitions will drive sales and boost revenue. Our designs will make that happen.

We create all-encompassing exhibition branding based upon visitor attractions, permanent and temporary displays and the literature that goes with them. Our work, including custom made portable modular displays, wins awards, but more importantly it wins hearts, minds and custom. We’ll create a world that your target audience will want to visit.

The challenge? Project the ethos of Wests in less than two minutes. The solution? Keep things raw and sharp edged. Choose images that catch the eye and tell a story. Keep the images moving quickly Throw in a pumping racket of a soundtrack. Intrigued? Take a look at the Wests longer version - the same brilliant surface, even more depth.

Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? And why are you better than anyone else?

These are the questions being asked by anyone considering giving you their business, and the way you answer them will determine whether they opt for you or not. Our writing services will paint a picture of who you are that compliments the rest of your branding and helps to tell the fullest possible story. The right words used in the right way can paint a picture as vivid as the sharpest visuals.

You tell us who you are, and we will tell the world.

There's a widely held belief about the use of moving images and video for advertising and promotion. It's a belief that says you've got around 50 seconds to get in, hold the attention, and get out. It's a belief that's also tied to the cost of producing longer form moving images. We say yes, but...
Yes, but once you've grabbed a viewer's attention you have the time to tell your tale. Yes, but if you work with Wests we'll keep the budget down. And yes, but take a look at the longer version of our story, and see if we're not as good as our word.

As the world gets smaller, so the opportunities grow. Globalisation brings the world to your doorstep and puts your business anywhere you want it to be. From a tablet in China and a smartphone in France to a laptop down the road, the shop window, trading floor and checkout are now anywhere and everywhere you want them to be.

That's why you need to speak the language of your customers. Our client translation services will take what you have to say and ensure that it makes sense to the people who matter in the places that count. Combine this with our client writing services, and there will truly be no limits to the power and reach of your message.

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