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Our Hereford Graphic Design Studio

Design Studio
Hereford Design Office
New York Design

We’ve been transforming the branding, web design and marketing solutions of businesses both local and multinational for over 40 years now, and we’re still building on that design experience.

In the beginning, some 45 years ago, we specialised in traditional graphic design, but the years since, and particularly the last decade, have seen us diversify into all areas of branding and particularly the crafting of bespoke websites, building a matchless portfolio of digital media, interior design, events, exhibitions, corporate marketing and advertising. If it can be designed, it can be designed better and that’s what we do. From Hereford to New York, we work with businesses large and small. The one thing all our clients have in common is that they want, and receive, top notch creative support.

Barrie West, head of Wests, is a walking encyclopedia of graphic know how. Emerging via traditional letterpress printing he was quick to embrace change, working with both the world’s first business computer, Leo One and in tandem with the team developing the original Xerox machine. Experience of innovation on this scale made him a natural to embrace and exploit the possibilities of the digital age, and his graphic design team, based in Hereford and New York, do precisely this.

We know every trick of the graphic design trade, but none of this would mean anything if we didn’t place understanding you and your values as our number one priority. We get to know you inside out and this means that our designs, as well as being innovative and stylish, are utterly relevant and totally commercial. We help you to visualise the way you want the world to see you, and then we make that vision a reality.

The first step? A cuppa and a chat. Who are you? What do you do? Who are your clients? What are your ambitions? The answers to these questions will form the foundation upon which we build our designs and make our plans, creating exactly what you need to move forward.

Tackling the twenty first century from the heart of
Olde England.

The fact that our UK office recently moved to the Duchy of Cornwall estate in Hereford offers unique advantages. Not only are we visited several times a year by HRH the Prince of Wales himself, but we’re also surrounded by the timeless tranquillity of the English countryside. Rolling fields, narrow country lanes and an air of quiet contemplation create the perfect atmosphere in which to take a step back, spend a little time and come up with the very best design solutions.

Learn more about our design approach ⊕

Our designers are hand-picked for their talent and passion and can specialise in print, branding, marketing concepts and interactive design for websites and apps.

We like to think we’re working with you as much as we’re working for you, with your goals becoming our goals. You can take it as read that everything we design meets industry standards and guidelines, but you can be equally certain that our solutions will come about as a result of us having drilled down into what truly makes you tick as a business. If this means us visiting you or you call in on us that can be arranged, and won’t cost a penny more.

If it sounds like we might have the design and planning solutions you need to achieve your business goals then please get in touch.

The Process

01. Contact
Give us a call or email us and we will be happy to talk you about your aspirations and design needs. Call +44 (0) 1989 730 432.

02. Meeting
Sugar and milk? Once you’ve decided, we’ll make that cuppa and discuss what you need. We’ll take your history, target market and aspiration and use these facts as the basis for a first look at exactly what we can do for you.

03. Research
Who are your competitors? Where have they failed or succeeded? We’ll use the hard knocks they’ve taken or triumphs they’ve secured as lessons for us to learn from. Information is power and the research we do will feed into our next meeting, where we’ll discuss how to move forward.

04. Concept
By combining your initial brief and the research we’ve done we’ll be able to start crafting ideas and concepts. Initially, we create at least 3 bespoke designs at this stage, although it’s in our nature to keep on going until a sound creative concept has emerged.

05. Presentation
We’ll show you what we’ve come up with, via email or in person. Then, when you’re happy, we’ll filter in any comments, recommendations and adjustments and use these to work towards the final concept.

06. Realisation
When you’ve given your approval the project will be finalised, formatted, released and promoted, with the markets you’ve specified being targeted single-mindedly.

What we do

We’re as obsessed with marketing, branding and website design as you are with making your business a success, and when you hire us these two obsessions come together to form one clear vision. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, whether you’re big, small, old, new, low or hi-tech. Whoever you are, our team will deliver results – aesthetic, commercial and financial.

Name a sector and the chances are we’ve covered it: artistic standings, public bodies, national charities, health care, store environments, private training sector, international standing, through to the hospitality and the property sector.

Even after the work has been sent out into the world we’ll be by your side, providing support for many years to come.

Come and see us in Hereford, or ask us to visit you.

Our clients include:

Age UK, Alu, ATA, Allen & Heath, Bernstein Display, Barbara Carr, Beckford Fine Art, Black Cat Music, Brightlines Translation, Champalimaud design , Charym, Chris Williams Consultancy Ltd, Classic Prager, Citrus Fulfilment, Commerford Hennessy, Center Parcs, Crest Leather, Dancing In The UK Magazine, Dr. Callaway, Duchy of Cornwall, Duggal, Duggal Visual Solutions, Dolby Sound, Dwellings Home New York, Eletile UK, Elevations, Evesse, Evins Communications, Fleetwood Fixtures, Fireangel, Frank Glover Mannequins, GLM Markets , Gitzo Photographic Support, GFA, Globalshop, Goldsmith Inc, GroundHawk Training, Harold Blum Photography, Harlequin Dance Floors, Korn Design, Hilton Worldwide, Hudson & Broad, Hudson Furniture Inc, Ingrao Inc, Jack Levy Design, Joan Wood, John Stiff Photography, Julian Vaughan & Company,, Lemonade Illustration Agency, LSI Lighting Systems International, Gary Swift Studios, Michael George Fixtures, Nikon, NADI, Nine Muses Greece, PAVE, Pascale B Marketing, Pentax, Plum Pudding Illustration Agency, PMR Consulting, PMR Health, PMR Corporate, Providence Ltd Intelligence Agency, Strand Lighting, Ralph Pucci International, Redspace Corporate Training, Redrose Property Services, Roni T J Hale Inc, Gendler Photographer, Technical Marketing Ltd, Trimco, Saks 5th Aveue, VERA ltd, Waldorf Astoria New York, Waldorf Astoria Berlin, Wyevale Hawkins, Writers Ltd, Vilamoura Golf Resort & Spa.

Hereford Office & Studio

+44 (0) 1989 730 432

New York Office

+1 212 835 0625

Barrie James West
Jennifer Mary West
Jason Hobson
Chris Bate