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Wests Design Consultants Moving Image Self Promotion, Longer Version.

There's a widely held belief about the use of moving images and video for advertising and promotion. It's a belief that says you've got around 50 seconds to get in, hold the attention, and get out. It's a belief that's also tied to the cost of producing longer form moving images. We say yes, but...
Yes, but once you've grabbed a viewer's attention you have the time to tell your tale.
Yes, but if you work with Wests we'll keep the budget down.
And yes, but take a look at the longer version of our story, and see if we're not as good as our word.

Wests Design Consultants Moving Image Self Promotion, Short Version.

The challenge? Project the ethos of Wests in less than two minutes. The solution? Keep things raw and sharp edged. Choose images that catch the eye and tell a story. Keep the images moving quickly Throw in a pumping racket of a soundtrack. Intrigued? Click on the right hand arrow to access the longer version - the same brilliant surface, even more depth.

New Goldsmith Showroom Moving Image Promotional Wall

The date is July 2016, the place is the pulsing heart of New York's fashion district and the client is Goldsmith New York, cutting edge fashion icons since 1927. The occasion? Goldsmith moved into their new Penthouse showroom. We built a moving image the size of a wall - 13 feet by 9 of style, chic and dazzle. It promoted Goldsmiths Kinky Girls collection, and it's here for you to enjoy.

Moving Image to Plan Walk Through Areas

The GlobalShop show in Las Vegas is an iconic event for manufacturers and suppliers in the retail industry. NOA Brands were attending to showcase their Atrezzo and POP Mannequins brands. Their booth had to be approved, planned in situ, installed and constructed.

Except it didn't. Wests used 3D rendering software to create a moving image walk through of a virtual booth that could be tweaked, altered and perfected at the clients' leisure and convenience. Brains and beauty in one perfect package.

Moving Image and Video for Websites.

Moving images work. No matter how your web site is being accessed, video can cut through in a way that static visual content can't match. In a matter of seconds attention can be caught, feeling conveyed and a story set out. In depth information can wait - this is all about establishing a link and creating interest. The web site was designed by Wests, and the message its video conveys is crystal clear.

Moving Image and Video for Websites, Continued...

Check out the latest web site from Ingrao and internationally acclaimed design and architectural firm based in New York. Judge for yourself the effect moving image has on the portfolio section of this web site over and above traditional singular changing gallery type presentation used for many web sites of this type. Given good quality mages to work with the evidence is clear to see. This example also allows for singular images as well as a client option should they be required.

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