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Branding & Website Design with CMS Build

PAVE has a very simple mission, "To connect students, educators and professionals who support the retail industry in a vibrant, meaningful, and mentoring format". This meant that it was very important for the PAVE brand to continuously freshen up its identity and to create a brand new website.

Wests are extremely proud to be one of PAVE's Patron Sponsors, and are very proud to be apart of the brands continuous developments. Wests have recently created a brand new website for PAVE, with a brand new design style that continuously develops to match its growth in popularity.

The website was designed to showcase PAVE's brand and all of its organisations and events, which therefore needed a modern CMS system to manage all of its content. The website focuses on its use of strong imagery, modern layouts, and use of powerful colors. Wests were also proud to of created the latest PAVE video, which is used on the current homepage and also during the Globalshop exhibition in Las Vegas.

Hereford Office & Studio

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New York Office

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Barrie James West
Jennifer Mary West
Chris Bate
Jason Hobson