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Duggal Site Design
Duggal Website Design
Duggal Website Design
Duggal Website Design
Duggal Website Design
Duggal Website Design
Duggal Website Design
Duggal Website Design

Duggal Visual Solutions Concept

Website & CMS

Like West’s, the history laid out by Duggal is one of constant innovation. Company founder Baldey Duggal exploited his keen understanding of photography and natural ingenuity to design and build the first Dip and Dunk processing machine. At the time this revolutionised film developing and the core technology employed is still in use today.

By the late 1980’s Duggal was investing aggressively in new technology in an effort to push the company forward. They were the first company to introduce sophisticated RGB drum scanning and electronic retouching for photographers. Their way of working was so advanced that many graphics companies of today are still struggling to make use of technologies which Duggal embraced and conquered more than twenty years ago.

For more than 45 years the world’s leading image makers have been coming to Duggal Visual Solutions Inc. in search of comprehensive visual solutions. They are a leading supplier of printing, computer imaging, wide format graphics and display services.
Since being incorporated in 1963 Duggal has gone to be widely held up as Americas leading photo/imaging facility. For our part, we have a long history of grasping all matters photographic and digital, particularly when applied to the many reproduction techniques to be applied after image generation.

Duggal have trusted us with the task of exploring and developing their overall branding and internet presence. Allied to this is work based around their pioneering involvement in the fast emerging field of energy saving technologies.


Hereford Office & Studio

+44 (0) 1989 730 432

New York Office

+1 212 835 0625

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Jennifer Mary West
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